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Thermoforming is a process where a tough vinyl film is wrapped around the face and edges of cabinetry doors, drawers and end panels - then bonded under heat and vacuum pressure in our thermoform press.  This provides a seamless, hard-wearing and moisture-resistant finish with no edge tape required.  Thermoform doors are made with melamine on the back of the panel.   Our thermoform colour range is sourced from the top global suppliers, chosen for both colour and quality.


dezignatek 1.JPG
dezignatek 2.JPG
dezignatek 3.JPG
dezignatek 4.JPG
dezignatek 5.JPG
dezignatek 6.JPG

Dezignatek Thermoform
Series 1 Profiles

dezignatek 7.JPG

Dezignatek Thermoform
Series 2

dezignatek 8.JPG

Dezignatek Thermoform
Series 3

dezignatek 9.JPG
dezignatek 10.JPG

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